Walk the High Road

One more reason to walk away from your abusers:
When you are hurt because someone has treated you badly, it’s natural to want revenge. You want to make them suffer like they have made you suffer. You want to force them to understand how they’ve hurt you but in the process, you end up hurting yourself and wasting the days of your life because you have decided to take justice into your own hands.
Peace and Happiness and Joy supernal? Those are lofty promises and yet, it’s true! Choose meekness over revenge, mercy over justice, and love over hate. That’s not to say that you should allow others to abuse you in any way. It just means that you walk away instead of slashing their tires! (Tempting, I know!) The truth is that revenge doesn’t make you happy, it only leaves you stuck in a place that is toxic. Walking away gives you the space to heal and to build a healthy, productive life. We cannot control others’ actions, we can only control ourselves, starting with that walk in the opposite direction.

The Problem With Revenge
The Atonement of Jesus Christ erases the injustices of this world by flooding our lives with peace and joy as long as we keep ourselves from becoming the offender of injustice. Walk away. Hand it to God and trust that He will set everything right. YES, it can be lonely and it will definitely be difficult.  I have had many days that felt this way but the longer that my eyes focused on The Savior, the more I came to realize that we all get what we deserve. I don’t need to witness my enemies getting what they deserve, I only need to live so that what I get is what I ultimately want. – Nicole

“As a victim, do not waste effort in revenge or retribution against your aggressor. Focus on your responsibility to do what is in your power to correct. Leave the handling of the offender to civil and Church authorities. Whatever they do, eventually the guilty will face the Perfect Judge. Ultimately the unrepentant abuser will be punished by a just God. The purveyors of filth and harmful substances who knowingly incite others to acts of violence and depravation and those who promote a climate of permissiveness and corruption will be sentenced. Predators who victimize the innocent and justify their own corrupted life by enticing others to adopt their depraved ways will be held accountable. Of such the Master warned:

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matt. 18:6.)”

Richard G. Scott

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