Find Someone Who Loves All of Your Brokenness

As survivors of abuse, trust is something that is hard to come by, whereas anxiety and depression are par for the course. While browsing FB this morning I came across a post by Callie Amelia Theodore. In it she describes how her amazing boyfriend lovingly quells her anxiety with simple affirmations of his love. I don’t know if she’s an abuse survivor, but I do know that she’s a Younique presenter and that Younique is a company that is dedicated to helping women who were sexually abused and assaulted in their youth – so one way or another, Callie is a part of our story. 

On my FB page, I wrote about my own experience at the Younique Haven Retreat for survivors of sexual abuse. To read that post, Click here!

This is Callie – 

She’s brave enough to publicly admit that she struggles with anxiety. Callie, thank you for being the voice of so many. 

To read her full post – Click here

Speaking out is a gift for so many. Speak your truth with gratitude for the tender mercies that exist in your life. There are some for everyone – even on the darkest days. You only need to know where to look!

Don’t abandon the hope that there is someone out there for you who won’t be afraid of your brokenness. -Nicole

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