Ask For the Light You Wish to Receive

There have been countless moments in my journey that caused me to doubt my ability to get through. And at the point of each moment came the realization that I had a choice to make:

Faith and joy, or doubt and anger.

Watch the video, Choose-The-Light, HERE

          I will never be the person who tells you that it was easy to choose faith when all you can see is darkness because I’ve been there and I know that it isn’t easy. But it is a choice. I will forever be grateful for the people God sent into my life to light my way. It was in those moments, when my last match had burnt out, I called out to God and He answered with a friend, a neighbor, a Bishop or even a stranger on the side of the road.

I believe that each of us arrives at the place that this bicyclist finds himself many times in our lives. When we need to gain a testimony of some aspect of the gospel, when we need hope that life will get better, when we need to know that someone can see the goodness that we don’t even see ourselves, when we need someone to show us a new corner of the world because that’s what keeps us dreaming, striving, sacrificing and praying, and countless other moments.

What matters isn’t how fast we are peddling. What matters is that we are on an upward trajectory. We must choose to have faith! We must choose to look around for the light and we must believe that it’s there, somewhere. The scriptures talk about having faith the size of a mustard seed, that that’s enough to move mountains. I believe that. Believe in love. Believe that there are good people in the world that can show you a life that transcends the abuse that you grew up in. Believe that your life has a purpose.


What will you choose?






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