From Doubt to Purpose

My soul is weary from enduring so much stretching: with my teenagers, at work with a very difficult case, school with managing my work load, dating life and even church.

I spent last week on a (blissful) social media break as I struggled to lay my burdens at the Savior’s feet – something that I’m still struggling with. Even though I’ve been blessed with a tremendous amount of faith to carry me through this life, I also have times when I feel overwhelmed and doubtful. The past month has been one of those times.

I worry just like everyone else. I struggle, just like everyone else. Every single day that I wake up, I am faced with the decision to choose faith, struggle and work or doubt and complacency and that choice is more difficult on some days.

I’ve chosen to focus my energy on lifting broken hearted outcasts but there are days that I just want to flee to a distant island to live out the rest of my life.i

But…..God did not send us here to fail. He sent us here to rise above the darkness in this world. He’s provided a path for each of us that, if followed, will lead to peace and happiness. Sometimes doubt is the side-street that will open our eyes to greater understanding and a renewed sense of purpose. It allows us to re-evaluate how we are spending our time and the direction that we are heading and that’s not a bad thing.


I loved THIS article.

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